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A momentary light of the stream of life   一瞬のかがやきをつかまえて」 (2021)

作品サイズ:H100×W80×D15cm ~ H50×W50×D20cm

素材:蔓(アケビ)、和紙、エンコスティック  2021年

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2021年  「水の音から生まれるかたち」展 (三島市民ギャラリー)2022年 さんしんギャラリー長泉支店ウインドウギャラリー展示

<Comment on "A momentary light of the stream of life">

In 2021 summer, I kept drawing of rivers of my hometown. There I came to feel that a stream of river is like a stream of a person’s life. I saw a river sended out sparkle lights on its surface and I wanted to capture one as a symbol of a momentary light of the stream of our life, using vine plants and Washi paper.

On the background, in my thought, our human body is connected with the nature or even the universe. You have the body, as so you are wonderful. That’s what I‘d like to express through my works.

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